Los Amantes de Estocolmo is a book written by Roberto Ampuero, a Chilean writer who was born in Valparaiso in 1953 .He is among the most famous Chilean writers of the latest times. This book ,Los Amantes de Estocolmo tells the story of Cristobal Pasos a writer too, who has just begun to write his new book when he discovers two important things which will make him  change his mind and the plot of this new book.First of all, his neighbour’s wife, Maria Elliasson , died due to drug abuse. He begins to suspect and to consider his neighbour, Markus, the killer, when he speaks with Boryena, the Polish woman who makes the cleaning of both houses, his house and the widower’s house, and she tells him that she has observed this man carefully, and he looks fine, it seems to her that he does not feel sadness because of his wife’s death. Moreover, she thinks that he is having an affair with a younger woman, and that is the reason why Maria Elliasson committed suicide.Second, he is looking for something in his wife’s wardrobe when he finds in a bag some clothes which are very luxurious and erotic. He thinks that these clothes do not belong to his wife because these clothes were hidden in a bag, and also because he had never seen his wife wearing them. Secretly he begins to follow her and to try to find more evidence that tells him that she has a lover.In summary, this book is very interesting and appealing  because due to a doubt about something that someone has to told the writer, he  begins to suspect and to investigate his neighbour; and during this investigation he discovers something  that he never thought could happen to him.