We, as human beings, are all able to dream, and most of us are able to remember what we have dreamt. Sometimes when we are shocked by some special dreams , we try to recall  and give them a meaning , and if  we are really curious about our dreams we investigate, and  it is then when we  realize that there is a lot of information  about dreams, specially  studies  about this topic which analyze them from different points of view. Some of the most important studies about dreams are those which analyze dreams from the astrological point of view, and from the scientific point of view.  First of all, from the astrological dreams point of view have a wide variety of meanings and interpretations, and there are people who work interpreting the meanings of our dreams through mystical ways. Eventhough  there are people who  do not think they are reliable enough in their interpretations , sometimes when  we  talk about dreams with astrologists we are advised   to write down everything that we can  remember  of our dreams; this way , according to what they say,  is the best way to  help us to  analyze and  understand what we have dreamt because every detail in our dreams  has a given meaning or a hidden message. Second, from the scientific point of view dreams have more reasonable explanations for most people because there are different approaches to interpret. In other words, if we want to analyze our dreams from the scientific point of view, we can apply different theories because it will depend  on the context on which we will want to analyze them for the interpretation that these approaches or areas of study will give us. For instance, if we analyze our dreams from a psychological point of view, we may see our dreams as showing us how a person can improve his/her way of life through a dream; or from an anthropological point of view where the interest will be on how a dream or dreams impact or alter the way in which member of a tribe live and interact among themselves. In summary, dreams are very complex tricks of human beings´  brains , and their interpretation will depend on people’s beliefs  .It will also depend on how much reliable a given area of study is  for that person .